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Happy New Year!

Happy New year everybody! We got off to a fantastic start with MK Women's Choir and our growing numbers mean that we are a little more snug in our seats but sounding absolutely fantastic! It's still not too late to join us on a Thursday night at 7.45pm until 9.15pm at The Crown in Stony Stratford! £7.50 on the door. 

We're showcasing our work on March 4th in Stony Stratford and all details of tickets and times will be available soon! Keep your eyes peeled!

I'll be rolling my way to my final shows before baby arrives in April. You can find them on my gigs page but please do come along to the final Mercy Ships tour date on March 10th in Kingston Upon Thames. It will be the very last time you can see the tour and it really is the most amazing night! I will be gutted to be finishing this tour but very hopeful that I'll be involved with Mercy Ships again just as soon as possible! 

Hope that your new year has started well and thanks for keeping up to date with me!

Nicki x

Christmas fun with Mk Women's Choir


Well it's nearly December 1st and tonight MK Women's Choir are rehearsing hard for a lovely run of Christmas performances. We are being recorded by Secklow Sounds tonight so we'll keep you posted about the show!

For those who already have tickets for MK Illuminate Boat festival this weekend, we'll be performing on main stage at 6pm on Sunday 3rd Dec. Tickets are now sold out so apologies for those who will miss it but please do come watch if you are lucky enough to be ticket holders.

We're then performing at Scribal Gathering from 7.30pm on Tuesday 12th Dec at The Crown MK. This is MK Women's Choir's home venue so you can expect a very entertaining and fun evening of performance. 

Finally we're going on tour! For one night only, down the high street of Stony Stratford. Yes we're doing a carol crawl to 5 different pubs along Stony High Street. If you fancy following us or want to have a Christmas drink in a lovely pub in Stony then head out to the high street from 7.30pm on Thursday 14th December and follow the noise! 

Schools out for summer....well nearly

Hey lovely people.  Just a quick hi and update on what's occurring in my world! I have one more week of the fabulous MK Women's Choir and then schools out for summer.

I don't know if you've ever been involved in a community choir or something similar but I've been so impacted by what happens when people bring out the best in each other. Singing together is so special and the vulnerability of that plus the team effort and feeling of achievement is really special.

Once that's done I'm off for a few gigs this summer and I'm so excited to be at Keswick Unconventional for the fist time. I'll be performing in several venues on Aug 3rd and 4th so if you're near or planning on being at the festival please come say hi.

Mercy ships touring starts up again with a bang in September. Updated gig listings can be found on my page and I'll be chatting on line lots about them over the coming months.

So enjoy your summer folk!

Nicki x

And we're off!

Well this term started with a bang! MK Women's Choir was buzzing last week and I was so pleased to see familiar faces and new faces that I really hope stay around and become familiar. We rocked out to 'We are Family' by Sister Sledge and had a great time!

I was in Saltcoats at South Beach Baptist Church this weekend running a singing workshop and also doing an evening performance and it was just great to be singing again and chatting about life, love, faith, and being headbutted! ;-) If you came to the gig, thank you for being a fab audience.


We're on week two of MK Women's Choir this Thursday and it's still not too late to join! Come along and join in the fun. The Crown in Stony 7.45pm!

I'll leave you with a photo of my wee boy and his Grandma in Saltcoats on the beach this weekend. I love it for some reason. It's such a picture of total joy and safety. I've had faith in God all my life but recently I've felt a little overwhelmed with questions and burdens and tiredness. Don't you want to be scooped up and whisked away from the cares of grownup life sometimes? I'm sure we're all meant to feel like Ruan did with his Grandma on the beach and to know that we are truly loved, but it's easy to lose sight of it sometimes. Anyway, you are loved. Keep going! See you all soon.

Nicki x


Summer fun and a bunch of crazy women called MK Women's Choir.

Hey People! Hope that you're enjoying sunshine between crazy rain and hail. We will have a summer and even if the weather is awful I've got plenty of sunshine going on in my music world right now. MK Women's Choir gave a super performance at Stony Live on June 9th and we were so overwhelmed by the fantastic crowd who came to support and have a dance with us.

We are performing again on 26th June at an event called 'Live at the Abbey.' You'll find all the details on the gigs page.

We are growing fast and we were lucky enough to have one of our new members write the most brilliant blog this week. She was really nervous to come along buttake a look at the blog to see how she got on. Take a look at the art work while you're at it! We have some awesome creativity within our girls!

"So, last night, I did something I've been promising myself I would do for a very long time...I joined a local singing group! ...or to be precise, the Milton Keynes Women's Choir......."

Writing between nappies...

So the glamorous life of singer/songwriter continues. In between changing nappies, trying to stop a nearly 2 year old climb scaffolding and having the local fire service have to come and break him out of a locked car (please don't contact social services he's fine) I've been playing my new guitar loads. I'm starting to feel some great songs coming on. It's a bit like child birth, you can't always know when they're going to arrive but you start to feel the labour pains. Only songs are far more pleasant to bring into the world. Enough of the child stuff... But suffice to say I'm excited about the next month or two's writing efforts.

I'm also excited about MK Women's Choir's performance next week at Stony Live. If you haven't been to Stony Live before its a fab week of live music and arts that takes place in a gorgeous little town nearby called Stony Stratford. My choir are AWESOME and just a feisty, fun bunch of women from all walks who love to sing. If you're about come see us on 9th June at 8.30pm at The Crown in Stony. I promise you'll be on your feet dancing by the end of our show.

Ok folks I'll be off but please check out the gigs page and contact me should you want to book an event! Take care ya'll.

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