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Writing between nappies...

So the glamorous life of singer/songwriter continues. In between changing nappies, trying to stop a nearly 2 year old climb scaffolding and having the local fire service have to come and break him out of a locked car (please don't contact social services he's fine) I've been playing my new guitar loads. I'm starting to feel some great songs coming on. It's a bit like child birth, you can't always know when they're going to arrive but you start to feel the labour pains. Only songs are far more pleasant to bring into the world. Enough of the child stuff... But suffice to say I'm excited about the next month or two's writing efforts.

I'm also excited about MK Women's Choir's performance next week at Stony Live. If you haven't been to Stony Live before its a fab week of live music and arts that takes place in a gorgeous little town nearby called Stony Stratford. My choir are AWESOME and just a feisty, fun bunch of women from all walks who love to sing. If you're about come see us on 9th June at 8.30pm at The Crown in Stony. I promise you'll be on your feet dancing by the end of our show.

Ok folks I'll be off but please check out the gigs page and contact me should you want to book an event! Take care ya'll.

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