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Summer fun and a bunch of crazy women called MK Women's Choir.

Hey People! Hope that you're enjoying sunshine between crazy rain and hail. We will have a summer and even if the weather is awful I've got plenty of sunshine going on in my music world right now. MK Women's Choir gave a super performance at Stony Live on June 9th and we were so overwhelmed by the fantastic crowd who came to support and have a dance with us.

We are performing again on 26th June at an event called 'Live at the Abbey.' You'll find all the details on the gigs page.

We are growing fast and we were lucky enough to have one of our new members write the most brilliant blog this week. She was really nervous to come along buttake a look at the blog to see how she got on. Take a look at the art work while you're at it! We have some awesome creativity within our girls!

"So, last night, I did something I've been promising myself I would do for a very long time...I joined a local singing group! ...or to be precise, the Milton Keynes Women's Choir......."

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